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Small Whole House Filters — “Big Blue” Units

For Light Duty
Whole House or Commercial Applications

The old standby “Big Blue” filter has been a regular in water filtration for many years. It uses the standard 4.5" x 9.75" filter cartridge that you can get wherever water filtration equipment is sold.

The 10" Big Blue is pictured at right, beside our 20" whole house filter, to give you a sense of the filter's size. The compact 10" unit uses the same cap and has the same high flow capacity. For information about the 20" unit, go here.

Each system below consists of the filter vessel(s), bracket, housing wrench, and cartridge(s).


Includes a 10" housing, mounting bracket kit, wrench and a 5 Micron Wound String Sediment Cartridge.

Part # wh201

Includes a 10" housing, mounting bracket kit, wrench and a 5 Micron MatriKX CTO Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge.

Part # wh202

Includes two 10" housings, a mounting bracket kit, wrench and a 5 Micron Wound String Sediment Cartridge and MatriKX CTO 5-micron Extruded Carbon Block Cartridge.

Part # wh203

Replacement Cartridges

A popular depth filter for normal sediment applications.




  • Nominal 5


  • String Wound

Part # fc353

A free-flowing but very effective carbon block. A versatile and inexpensive filter that works anywhere carbon filtration is needed.


Carbon Block


  • Nominal 5


  • Activated Carbon

Part # fc303

Note: Any filter cartridge in the 4.5" x 10" category in our Cartridge Menu will fit these units. You can purchase the unit with any cartridge listed (please inquire about price).

Replacement Parts

Size 8. Fits Pentek Big Blue housings for 4.5" width cartridges, including our Compact Whole House filters. Please note: This wrench does not fit clear Pentek 4.5" X 10" housing.

Part # wr009

Fits Pentek Big Blue® filter housings for 4.5" width cartridges. Used in our Compact Whole House Filters, Large Garden Hose Filters for 4.5" width cartridges, and "Classic" Pura Ultraviolet UVBB units.

Part # or020

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